Baby Bath Time A Moment Of Pleasure

Kids love to get dirty. What they do not like so much is clean, bathe and wash her hair or ears. With some tricks, the bathroom can become a relaxing and fun time.

The bathroom takes time to continue playing. In addition, at first the water is too hot and then too cold. And soap attacks the eyes,… Many children cry since droplets begin to fall in the bathtub. And normally, not due to fear of water as many parents believe, but what will happen when it is full. That is, cold hands that strive to leave everything shiny (child and bathroom) and prohibitions: “Do not play with the water, which you splash me“, “Do not move while I rub”. For children, the bathroom is something else.

The tub: little water and lots of fun

A place to be in the company. Many children do not like to be alone in the vastness of the tub. Therefore, we can ask them if they want to share the magnificent bathroom with a doll or with a brother, why not? with ourselves.

baby bath accessories

An area to play. Although they are still small to wash themselves, we can start teaching them the first rules of the toilet. Between year and a half and three years, they begin to become aware of their body and like to do things for themselves. We should let them use the sponge to rub legs, tummy or hands. Of course, we are not very demanding: even four years will be able to properly clean.

A safe place. Some are afraid of slipping and falling. They will feel safer if the water does not reach them beyond the navel and bathe seated. So if they slip and lose control of their bodies and do not have the feeling of sinking in what seems to them as the depths of the tub. In addition, there will be less chance of water to enter the eyes. The solution is that easy.

A space for action. In the bathtub you can splash, sing, turn the pages of those books as colorful bathing or playing with soap bubble. Although there is a time limit, you cannot spend hours and hours, it is best that the bathroom is not restricted solely to hygiene.

Let the little enjoyment lasts for few minutes, they can do what they want to convert the toilet time into fun time.

Hair washing: one every other day or not

Hair washing

Hair should be washed every other day and, in times of epidemic of lice (October-November), we will wash every day. Normally, children hate when water run down the face, and if the water contains soap.

It is important to use a neutral pH shampoo in very small amounts.

The gel should also be neutral or if the skin is dry and has tendency to dermatitis, acidic pH.

If still complain, you have to find tricks for shampoo not fall into in the eyes.

A good strategy is to let the child’s face with a cloth or dry sponge tape to avoid possible contact of the face with water. And in severe cases, if we can use goggles, which, besides being useful, is an extra source of amusement.

When the child is able, let him wash himself (always supervised by an adult). It will probably be loved to see how the foam goes if you rub hard.  If not, which means you have to wash for him, you can hang a toy roof for him to look at it, lift the chin and not to get shampoo in the eyes.

shampoo for kids

And if the second alternative is chosen, you should leave a few scoops or beach buckets to collect the clean water and the take over her head.

There are areas of the body that is better to cleanse more carefully:

The ears are particularly sensitive because of the soap can stay inside. We will have to rinse them carefully, never introduce a swab, just a cursory wash out and, at best, and a towel to dry the inside.

The nose is cleaned with sponge or, if it is very dirty, use saline (one or two milliliters per nostril). It is essential that the baby is quiet and don’t move. Again, it is a good idea to repeat the same operations with rubber doll.

A suitable temperature

We control the water temperature with a thermometer and let’s put it to your taste, mixing from the beginning (without throwing first hot and then cold).

Never for a moment, leave him alone in the bathroom. If he is a cold, we can create a warm and moist environment to decongest his nose. If he already controls the sphincters, tell him to try to pee before bathing.

It is essential to use mild soaps.

It is essential to use mild soaps

His skin is very delicate (five times thinner than an adult) and may suffer.

If much gel is used, the film skin oils and bacteria penetrate are more easily removed.

After the bath, he will love receiving a gentle massage with a little moisturizing body milk or oil.

Untangle torture, drying and styling

Let’s use creams and conditioners to avoid jerks.

With two brushes, we can begin to unravel a small part while still on the other.

Let us ensure that your brush is soft, of those who have no hard spikes or hurt. Maybe the child is of those who cannot stand this step, in which case, it is best to cut the hair often. We will have to invent a game while disentangle the curls carefully: the mirror will become the magic mirror of Snow White, for example.

The dryer will be used only if necessary and sparingly, taking into account that it can burn.

Oral hygiene

You can now brush his teeth alone. At this age, it is able to hold the brush and move it up and down and from left to right.


Brushing in the mirror is the best way to learn: stand with him in the mirror, and repeat again and again the same action, which will serve to gradually go better.

There is a wide range of brushes for children, one with very soft bristles and small heads, and you can choose the one you like.

At first, only brush with water. Later, we put a little toothpaste favorite color and flavor.

Cut the nails is a challenge.  He is afraid and struggles to keep quiet.

nail care

It is essential to use a rounded scissors. We must do it quietly, while we tell a story or hum a song.

If he resists, look for a stuffed animal to which the child can cut (lying) hooves.

In extreme cases, we can expect when he sleeps and do it slowly, trying not to wake up.

The fingernails should be cut with a rounded shape.

The foot should go straight and never too short to prevent ingrown toenails.

Enjoy! :)

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