If you have a baby at home, you need to place all necessary measures to keep the little angel safe from harm. And how can you do that when your house is full of potential dangers for your baby? The only thing to do is to place baby gates to secure the place and protect the little one. Do not go to the store just yet. There are many factors in which you need to base your decision on what type of baby gate to purchase. It will depend upon the area in which the baby gate is needed, the baby gate material, the installation and the measurement of the area as well.

Buying Criteria To Consider For Baby Gates

Where to Put the Baby Gate

There are many types of use for the baby gates. You can place them at the top of the stairs and at the bottom too. This is to protect your child from falling down the stairs. Also, it is to lock your child from going up on his own if you choose to have a bottom of the stairs baby gate. If you want to lock your child inside the room but keep the door open, then, you can use a doorway baby gate.

Also, an important area to protect your baby from is the fireplace. There is a special baby gate for that purpose too. You can also block hallways to contain your baby in a specific area or room. There are times when you just need to border an area and it cannot be categorized as those explained above. These areas are called extra wide spaces and irregular spaces. As long as there is space, a baby gate can be installed.

Steel, Wood, Plastic- which material should you choose?

There are three types of baby gate materials. The most durable one is the steel. Steel baby gates are long-lasting and perfect to protect your baby from the fireplace and other areas in the house. Another type is the wood. A wooden baby gate is much preferred by parents because of its look and appeal. It is a widely used gate at home.But the safety feature of a wooden baby gate cannot be discounted.

The last type is plastic or mesh. Design-wise and budget-wise, this is a good decision. If you are going to use the baby gate for a short period of time, this is the right choice for you. But remember that this is plastic and depending upon use, it can have a shorter shelf life than wood or metal.

Pressure mount vs Wall Mount- which is better?

There are two types of installation namely pressure mounted and wall mounted. If you are going to use the baby gate on top of the stairs, the only type of installation to use is wall mounted. Wall mounted means that it is attached to the wall and not as mobile as the pressure mounted baby gate. But when it comes to ultimate safety, your baby is well protected with a wall mounted gate.

Pressure mounted gate, on the other hand, has a different but important feature. You do not have to purchase many different baby gates for your home if the pressure mounted baby gate can fit to most of your spaces. It is secured through pressure and it has rubber bumpers on the wall to keep the baby gate up.

How to Measure the Space

In order for you to purchase the baby gate, you need the measurements. Using a tape measure, take the distance from one end to the other. You have to use inches though when presenting your needs to the baby gate store.

So here are the important criteria for buying your baby gate. Do not hesitate to consider what you need before buying. The security of your baby is on the line here and the ultimate baby gate for you needs must be met.