Our sitting postures affect us a lot. While working in front of the computer, if the posture is not proper, one gets various pains in the upper body. Our sedentary work-life doesn’t leave any time for personal time so as to work out and stay fit.

Therefore, it becomes necessary that, the sitting postures need to be corrected or depend on posture correctors which are custom designed garment that supports shoulders, back and keep your muscles in the neck, back and shoulder stable. Shoulder braces are offered to such men who have muscle and spinal problems. This article throws light on such custom design posture correctors for men available in the market.

However, it is always recommended to see a physician before deciding as to which kind of brace to be used for posture correction.

best posture corrector for men

How does the posture brace work?

  • It supports the shoulders, back and stabilizes the muscles in the back, neck and shoulder. It works by dragging the shoulder backwards, straightens the back by aligning the structure in the back.
  • A posture brace applies pressure externally, keeps your neck, back and shoulders aligned. It softly forces muscles to keep the body in the upright and correct position.
  • By using these braces, neck and back pain can be reduced by 75%. The study says that, by using these braces, one also appears to be energetic.
  • When you are in pain and stress, definitely nothing works right, after using these braces, you will definitely see the change.
  • The best part of these braces is that, one can them under your garments and nothing would be visible awkward, you would feel comfortable if you choose the right brace for yourself.

Top 3 best posture corrector for men


Neo G Medical 

the best posture corrector for men

Mcdavid Light Shoulder Supportposture corrective brace for men Deluxe Clavicleback brace for posture for men
Features Reduces the symptoms of rotator cuff injuries and improves stability in the shoulder. Useful for injured, arthritic shoulders affected during sport activities. Helps me relieving the shoulder pain caused due to strain. Straps apply firmness on the shoulder. Has a pocket over the AC joint for an ice pack, hold or cold packs. This is for the clavicle support and in a back pack style. Pulls the shoulder back and upright, aligns the clavicle fracture, provides posture support. Has a strong but soft padding.
Advantages  Adjustable straps, universal size, adjustable support. Can also be used with cold or heat therapy. Fits either shoulder. Available in the different sizes. Available in 5 sizes. The best part is, even if it is worn under your clothes, it doesn’t really show up bumpy.
Bottom line Best posture corrective brace for men. It is helpful for dealing with chronic shoulder conditions post surgery. You can walk without causing any pain to your shoulders. Available for all sizes.

best posture corrector

the best posture corrector

best posture corrector review

One question that may constantly linger in your mind could be “Does a posture corrector really work?”

A good sitting posture does not mean that one needs to be seated straight and upright by stiffening your back. Don’t force the shoulders backwards. Shoulders back were designed by a team of orthopedists, so definitely, they know what is best so as to correct the postures for those who are injured by sport activities or have shoulder arthritis.

How to choose a posture corrector?

Choosing neck posture brace, shoulder or back brace is tricky. One should not go by gut feeling. Always check with a physiotherapist for suggestions as to which brace is good for your complaint regarding your posture correction. Do a good self test before arriving at a conclusion.

Poor neck position leads to forward head position. This is the main cause for the pain in shoulder, neck or back. This can be a result of injury or poor sleeping positions, driving long distances, bad sitting postures.

  • How to Correct your posture

Correction of a poor neck posture:

You can have someone check it for you by doing this. Stand straight and have someone look up at the ceiling, down at the floor and then straight ahead. Put an imaginary line through the center of the shoulder up to the head. The line should pass through the mid of the ear. Take frequent breaks if your work involves sitting long time in front the computers. Simple exercises like nodding neck helps you gain control over the neck posture. Pull your head over the shoulders, pushing the blades of your shoulders. Use a back-support pillow during driving.

Where to buy the braces?

Before heading to buy a brace for yourself, it is important determine the problem and then the solution. Hence, choose the brace with the help of a physiotherapist and check for the above motioned products either online or as per your convenience in a store. These products are available online, when it is easy to get the product delivered at your doorstep, why venturing out.

All the men out there, do take out sometime to check your physical fitness other than just socializing and male-bonding. It is important for you to check before it becomes too problematic. It is not just about the fitness, but it is about one’s well-being, end of the day, if you are healthy, you can focus on your work. Stress impacts one’s work, so be stress-free.

Do some simple exercises right at your desk like stretching arms, sitting upright, and walk around now and then. Make sure not to constantly stare at your computer, blink your eyes as much as you can. Do not stay dehydrated, drink water, juices, eat healthy food and stay hydrated all the time.