There are many seasonal changes that we face as a part of our daily lives. Most of us are comfortable coping with these changes. However, some of us may experience an uncomfortable condition called SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder which causes depression or anxiety during fall or winters.

People who suffer from SAD often need to identify the problem with the help of a health professional. Such people will be advised to buy a right white light for sad light therapy that can help ease their anxiety and depression associated with SAD.

Light therapy for sad is one of the most effective ways to deal with SAD during dull winters or fall. Many people report improved sleep patterns and instant mood lift upon using such lights.

What is a sad light therapy box?

SAD is a condition wherein the lack of sunlight affects the mood of the affected person. So, a sad light therapy box will mimic the sunlight and helps the person to feel cheerful and upbeat. A standard sad therapy light box will be designed to offer up to 10,000LUX of light exposure.

The sad therapy light is also designed with UV filters to protect the user from harmful rays and the light emitted usually does not harm the skin or cause ageing. The light box therapy for sad is frequently prescribed for people diagnosed with sad.

Things to consider before buying Sad light therapy lamp

Once you are certain that you want to buy sad therapy lamp, consider the following factors:

  1. Are you really buying a product that is designed to treat sad

There are certain types of light that are more suitable for people with skin disorders and these types of lights are meant to radiate UV rays to treat the skin disorder which in other cases can affect the skin.

  • Light therapy sad- The lamps meant for sad will have UV filters and emit very little UV ligh.
  1. The brightness

Unlike ordinary light lamps, sad light lamps come with various intensities that are most effective when used for short periods like 30-40 minutes. In general, sad lights with 10,000LUX are considered as most effective to alleviate sad symptoms.

  1. Sensitivity of eyes

Before buying a sad therapy lamp, consider buying the correct light when you have sensitive eyes or glaucoma. Ideally one should use sad therapy light for just 30-40 minutes to get the benefits.

  • Most of the people do not get affected by the bright light but very few might experience migranes or eye irritability. In such the user can either change the sad light to a less intensity one or use it for less time.
  1. Design and style

Some sad lights end up taking a lot of table space while others may not be available in wall mount designs. Depending on your living space size and convenience of storage and use, choose a right model and design that suits your living space.

  • Sad lights must be used every day for effectiveness and hence, it is better to buy a lamp that is convenient for daily usage of the buyer
  1. Full spectrum or bright light?

Many people confuse between full spectrum light and bright light. As per many studies compared to full spectrum light, bright light of at least 2,500 LUX is effective to treat sad symptoms.

  • Not all sad lights are full spectrum
  • When it comes to treating sad, brightness of the light is more important
  1. Is blue light better than white light for sad?

Majority of the studies on sad treatment have revealed the beneficial aspect of white light therapy and there are very few researches that show blue light’s effectiveness in sad treatment. However, there are new blue light therapy sad products in the market.

  1. Vitamin D and sad light

Can sad lights provide necessary amounts of vitamin D? This is the most common question that potential buyers often ask. The answer is NO.

  • Unfortunately sad lights do not provide vitamin D
  • Vitamin D can only be obtained naturally by Sunlight or through vitamin D supplements
  1. Accessories

Most of the brands boast of approximately 8,000 hours of bulb life. And the buyer may need to buy replacement bulbs when bulbs expire.

  • Hours of usage influences the life of the bulb.
  • It is better to see the seller information on whether they sell replacement bulbs or not
  • The cost associated with the purchase of replacement bulbs should be checked

Once you set your priorities right about your requirements, it’s time to start looking for product reviews. Compare various products so that you can choose your best pick. For your convenience we have compiled reviews of 3 of the best sad light lamps below.

SAD Light Therapy Reviews

  1. Verilux HappyLight Liberty 10,000 LUX

Verilux HappyLight Deluxe 10,000 LUX Sunshine Simulator

Product features:

  • Broad light field and clear bright light
  • One of the best sold sad lights
  • UV filter and flicker free
  • Has been approved by FCC, ROHS and ETL
  • Eye safety ensured and tested
  • Easy to adjust features and design
  • 10,000 LUX clean light field
  1. Carex Health Brands Day-Light Classic Plus

Product features:

  • 10,000 LUX bright light sans glare
  • 3% of UV protection
  • As per expert recommendation light projected downwards
  • Easily adjustable (height /angle)
  • Effective for sleep cycle regulation, jet lag or low energy levels
  • Most preferred models used by many university researchers all over the globe
  1. Carex Health Brands Day-Light Sky

 Product features:

  • 10,000 LUX bright light designed for eye safety
  • UV filter that blocks 99.3% of UV rays
  • Glare-free
  • Based on BrightZone TM Technology
  • Multipurpose usage as a table light, study light or sad therapy light

Summary of comparison

  • Verilux HappyLight Liberty has raving reviews by buyers on Amazon. The model is affordably priced and looks good with simple yet stylish design. Another highlight of the features is that the light is very much like natural white light.

Many people have expressed instant mood lift experiences when used. However, on the down side the replacement cost is bit higher (around 12$).  Verilux HappyLight is certainly a good buy.

  • Carex Health Brands Day-Light Classic Plus has been praised for its upward light projection design by buyers. Also the model is extremely flexible to handle and set angle. Apart from all the good features, it could have been priced lesser than it is.
  • Carex Health Brands Day-Light Sky on the other hand is hailed for its bright white light that is very effective. In spite of two bulb replacement cost, customers seem to like most of the features of this model. Another downside of it is the lack of stylish design or look but it works.

Bulb replacement

In general most of the basic sad lights come with a minimum of 8,000 hours of bulb life. And the prescribed usage of sad light is up to 30-40 minutes. When a person ends up using sad light for more hours than prescribed, it is obvious that the bulb life will decrease.

Hence, if one is concerned about replacement of bulbs-

  • It is better to use the light as per instructions
  • Select the model that has the least replacement cost
  • Check with the seller about the availability of replacement bulbs before the purchase

Over heating

Some people often wonder if sad lights end up getting heated or emitting heat upon long usage. However, most of the lamps run the risk of overheating when used in less ventilated areas. If upon purchase the buyer comes to experience that the lamp is heating up, they can try using the lamp in open or ventilated areas.

No matter how they heat up or not these lights do not cause skin burn or tan when used. People should not confuse sad lights with lamps that are made for skin disorders which emit UV rays.


Another concern of sad light buyers is the odour. Many people complain about fuming or plastic odour when the lamp is in use. There could be many instances where a faint odour that might disappear within few hours of initial usage. Or some buyer may not have removed the plastic covering that comes with the package. Odour is unusual in sad lights.

How to face sad light?

If you are buying sad light for the very first time, this question is natural and common. Ideally sad lights should cast light above your cheek bones and the distance between the eye level and the sad light should be somewhere between 12”-18”.

Few people may get headaches and eye irritability when the distance is not maintained. You can either opt to place the sad light on the desk/table or wall-mount it as per your requirement. It is better to use sad lights on a secure surface to avoid damage no matter how sturdy they are.


When it comes to quality buys, brand image is very important and buyers should consider buying sad lights from good brands. These brands not only offer great features and value for money but they would also offer safety features where the skin/eye would not be affected.


Many people wonder if they can use sad lights for reading, crafting or writing. Yes and absolutely. Most of the sad lights that are available in the market today are designed for multipurpose usage. Use it for any activities that interest you however, if you are concerned about the replacement cost then use as per instruction (30-40 minutes).

Why should you buy the right sad light?

First of all, sad lights need to be used regularly and every single day for at least 4-8 weeks to see some results. And when you are intending to use it for that long, the light that you are buying should be convenient and comfortable enough for you to use it frequently. That is why buying the right sad light that suits your requirement is very vital.